Holland is a great place to visit. When I talked to my dad about my heritage, he told me that there was quite the Polish background. If you are going to be visiting Holland, you are going to want to know which restaurants you want to visit. Get ready for these three top restaurants when you are visiting the great country of Holland.

When you visit Holland, you are treating yourself to the Netherlands. Now it is time to look at the top restaurants there, and you will be glad that you did. Let’s get to exploring some of those places right now. For example, there is Salt And Pepper Savory Grill & Pub, which is located on East Lakewood Boulevard. This establishment serves up steak, prime rib and what’s called an olive burger.

That last place sounded really cool, don’t you think? Now it is time to look at the next place, and what do you think that will be? The Windmill Restaurant is located on West 8th Street, and it is known for a great brunch mix. When is the last time that you had delicious cinnamon rolls? That sounds great to me, and I’m sure it sounds great to you, too.

Butch’s Dry Dock is the next featured place, and it is located on 8th Street. You’re talking fish tacos, steak, salmon and so much more. They say that you get the best service when you visit this place by the way. Plus, it is the atmosphere that you expect when you are looking for a good time. Now, there is also the New Holland Brewing Company, The Biscuit, Crust 54 and so much more. If you ask me, I am already wanting to know what that means when someone tells me there are biscuits waiting for me.

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