We all knew Princess Shuri was a genius inventor, but it turns out she’s also a hell of an entrepreneur. Over on Twitter, actress Letitia Wright, who plays Shuri in Black Panther, has been making her sales pitch for Wakandan technology to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and it’s making me grin. As a former Girl Scout who learned her salesmanship from the most ruthless marketing machine in the Western world, I had to shout out this glorious Twitter exchange. Always be closing.

Wright started out the sales pitch right, complimenting her potential customer’s taste. She tweeted at Holland to compliment him on his new suit from the Infinity War trailer. Holland responded by saying it was “so much comfier” than his previous suit, and as soon as he made that complaint, Wright saw her opening. She then offered to “share some development ideas. Tell your people to call my people.”

I mean, Shuri has already given Bucky a brand-new arm and Captain America a slick new shield. Why not a Vibranium suit for Spider-Man?

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This exchange has also given me a new wonderful interpretation of these Infinity War images. Our own Kaila Hale-Stern guessed that they were discussing removing the stone from Vision’s forehead in the below photo, but is Shuri instead reminding Bruce Banner that his current glasses are garbage? That she could make him better ones that would never get lost when he Hulks out? Has he heard of Google Glass? Would he like something like that, but it actually works and doesn’t make everyone hate you?

And what’s she selling to Wanda? An ethical leather jacket? With vibranium reinforcements? A new headache medication? Some stylish gloves to help her focus her power?

I’m still deeply annoyed and bored that Doctor Strange will be the one joining the Science Bros, rather than Shuri, so I have to console myself with the idea that she’ll just be constantly pitching/taunting them with her amazing technology.

(Featured image: Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney Studios)

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