Holland Is A Beautiful Country

There is some confusion at times to the term Holland, as it is a region and one-time province on the western coasts of the nation of the Netherlands. In fact, the name Holland is even by many individuals to refer informally to the entire Netherlands nation. That happens quite a bit outside of the Netherlands, and it even happens among some Dutch residents. However, some find it misinformed or even an insult.

Currently, in modern times, what was once the province of Holland is now two Dutch provinces. They are North Holland and South Holland. These two provinces are home to three of the most major cities within the Netherlands, which are Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and The Hague.

The Hague is notable for being a government center for the Netherlands, the continent, and even the world to some degree. It is home to many international criminal tribunals where war crimes trials are held against former national leaders accused of things like genocide.

Rotterdam is notable for being Europe’s largest port across the entire continent. The modern architecture is remarkable as a status symbol of Western Europe rising from the post-war ashes and rubble.

Amsterdam is a largely the capital of the Netherlands, and perhaps the most famous of all cities in Holland. While the countryside might be known for windmills, wooden shoes, tulips, and water-retaining structures, Amsterdam is famous for many reasons. It was once home to Vincent van Gogh, and the many canals make for a distinct city vibe unlike many other European urban areas. The city is also famous for liberal culture in places, with sex clubs and shows taking place, and the Red Light District drawing in tourists and urban adventurers from within the nation and many other places across Europe and the world.

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