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Holland Square Group is a specialized health care IT consulting firm that provides technical staffing services to health care companies across the U.S.

What is the most overused phrase in your office? “Have fun working hard!”

If a documentary crew followed you around, what would they be surprised to find? How much fun we have at work. (We love our Little Tikes basketball hoop!)

If your company had a mascot or spirit animal, what would it be, and why? German shepherd: They are the most loyal pups out there and we truly strive to provide an exceptional level of loyalty to our consultants and clients.

What specific steps does your company take to maintain its culture? We share and celebrate successes in real-time by leveraging communication platforms that keep all of our employees informed. We hold frequent events and outings that help to bring our people together. We want our people to truly love what they do!

What is your office stance regarding meetings? We hold short, consistent meetings to allow our employees to be well-informed while still maintaining strong productivity.

You’re interviewing a potential employee. Where do you hold the interview? We typically hold our initial interviews in our conference room, but often times we will meet the candidate out for lunch for our final round of interviews since we feel that this allows someone to be as comfortable as possible, which makes it very easy to get to know that person.

What is your pass/fail interview question for candidates? “Are you motivated?”

How do you actively combat discrimination and harassment in the workplace? We educate our employees and have a zero-tolerance policy.

— Survey completed by Tommy Vieira, vice president of consulting services

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